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Magical Landscapes

In late 2020, I started a new series of mixed media collage landscapes on paper inspired by the quiet beauty, subtlety, tranquility and calm of traditional Japanese landscape art. This was in direct reaction to the intense negative emotions I had experienced since 2015 due to the political and global chaos. 

My process starts with finding a landscape pictue that attracts me. It could be a traditional Japanese landscape or simply an ordinary landscape photograph. This source material becomes completely transformed into an entirely new image by the time the artwork finished. Each one is different. I have no established path. I simply start. I play with pattern, space and flatness. I use many different

materals, including text, decorative and colored papers, Japanese print reproductions, Van Gogh drawing reproductions, photographs, old drawings, and more. Sometimes I add pencil, acrylic or pastel. I let each work guide me. 

My purpose is to create landscapes that honor the tradition of balance, harmony, beauty, tranquilty, shape and pattern in traditional Japanese landscape art. At first glance, these pieces may look like traditional landscapes, but on a closer look, they are imaginary, illogical landscapes that exist only in their own charmed world. I want the viewer to feel they have entered a magical world where everything is beautiful, soothing, peaceful and harmoneous. A world based on imagination, not reality. 

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