Artist Lori Markman lives and works in Los Angeles. She started her art practice at age 15 and has never stopped creating art. She received a BA in Fine Arts from University of California at Los Angeles, and also received a special award for achievement in art from the University.

From the beginning, Lori Markman’s work has been autobiographical: each work a vehicle for expressing an emotion, thought, attitude, philosophy about an event or time period in her life.  Her large, intense, powerful, and expressionistic figurative oil paintings have explored themes such as the ageing, mortality and death of her parents; a car accident in which Markman was seriously injured; a colorful, light series which pokes gentle fun at the world of fashion; the death of a close friend, and a political series dealing with social issues. 

Since 2003, Lori Markman has been creating a continuing, ever-evolving series of pencil and mixed media collage drawings. Still autobiographical, still personal, still expressive, these generally abstract drawings often incorporate letters, numbers, words, text, as well as some figurative elements.

Lori Markman has shown her work since 1997 in solo and small or group shows nationwide. Her solo shows include Space Gallery in New Orleans, Upstairs Gallery in Ventura, California, and Gallery Figuroa in Los Angeles. Her small group shows include the Thatcher Art Gallery at the University of San Francisco, and the RGB Gallery in Los Angeles. Her recent shows are Reflection, a juried group show by Launch LA in partnership with the Korean Cultural Center, and SCORE San Fernando Valley Arts and Cultural Center. She is a member of the Los Angeles Art Association. Her work has been purchased for private collections throughout the United States.