About Me

I am a Los Angeles artist. I started making art seriously at the age of 15. I earned a BA in Fine Arts from UCLA and received a special award for achievement in art from the University.

Early in my artist life, I was debilitatingly self-critical. I destroyed much of my work, because I thought it wasn't good enough. But though the years, I was able to rid myself of that artistic angst, and I am now able to create with a sense of joy, freedom, and pure engagement. 

From the beginning, my work has been autobiographical and

evocative:  each work a vehicle for expressing an emotion, thought, attitude, philosophy about an event or time period in my life. My large, intense, powerful, expressionistic, figurative oil paintings have explored themes such as the aging, mortality and death of my parents; a car accident in which I was seriously injured; and the absurd and zany world of fashion. I have created paintings about the death of a close friend  and about lost loves; and created a political series about important social issues. 


In 2003, I began creating an ever-evolving series of drawings that  continues to this day. Although still autobiographical, still personal, still expressive, these drawing are often abstract and usually incorporate letters, numbers, words, and text. These drawings began in pencil and slowly evolved to include colored pencil, mixed media and collage. I often add figurative elements to the drawings.  

In late 2020, I started a completly different series of mixed media collages on paper based upon traditional japanese landscape prints. In contrast to my usual intense, explosive, angst filled work, this series was deliberately meant to convey only beauty, harmony, calm, and peace. This series is called Magical Japanese Landscapes and you can see it on this website  along with my other series and works. 

I have shown my work since 1997 in solo and small or group shows nationwide. My solo shows include Space Gallery in New Orleans; Upstairs Gallery in Ventura, California; and Gallery Figueroa in Los Angeles. My small group shows include the Thatcher Art Gallery at the University of San Francisco and the RGB Gallery in Los Angeles. I am a member of the Los Angeles Art Association. My work has been purchased by private collectors throughout the United States.