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Oil on canvas

36 x 48 inches



In 1999, I was seriously injured in a car accident. Later, I created a series of 10 oil paintings that depicted symbolically my thoughts, emotions, and beliefs about this accident, starting from right before the accident happened until afterwards, in the hospital, when I knew I would be OK. The paintings were meant to be viewed like a storyboard from 1 to 10. 


This painting  is the fourth in the series. It represents the moment right before my car hit the center divider of the freeway head-on. I wanted to represent how my consciousness was focused on my awareness of the pure violence of the impact that was about to occur.  I love the intensity of the eyes, the contrast between the face and the abstract brushwork around it, and the green shadows under the bangs.


Exhibition History:

"Unframed",  Four Person Exhibition, Thatcher Art Gallery,  University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA. , 2004

(Unframed--A Critical Review by Paula Birnbaum, P.hD, Associate Professor at UCSF can be read in the Press page.)

The Accident, No. 4: Into The Void

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