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Shipping & Returns


All my artwork which measures 36 x 48 inches or less will be shipped by UPS or FedEx Ground.  This will take approximate 5-10 business days. 


Artwork measuring 48 x 48 inches or 48 x 60 inches must be shipped by freight and will be shipped in a wood crate or other protective packaging. Because it is difficult to get an accurate shipping quote without having a shipping address, I have added a high flat rate shipping cost to these large paintings.  If you are interesting in purchasing a large artwork,  please make sure you contact me before purchasing the art.  Once I have your shipping address, I can get an accurate shipping quote and I will reduce the price of the flat rate accordingly.

Returns and refunds:


I love my art and I want you to be happy with the artwork that you purchase from me. If you decide you do not want the art that you have purchased for any reason, you have seven (7) days to return the art to me and to receive a refund of the purchase price.  The following conditions apply to obtaining a refund:


1.     The artwork must be returned to me undamaged and in its original condition.  If the artwork is damaged when I receive it, there will be no refund, unless I decide to provide a refund. The refund amount  in that case is to be decided solely by me.   


2.        Artwork that has been altered in any way ( ie:  added to, cropped, modified, put on an alternate backing) is not eligible for a refund. 


3.       You--the buyer--are responsible for all shipping charges for returning  the artwork  to me.


4.       The refund will not include the cost of my shipping the artwork to you--the buyer--when you purchased the art.  I will deduct the cost of shipping from the refund and will provide you with a copy of the shipping invoice that shows the amount of the deducted shipping cost.  The refund will also not include the 3% transaction fee taken by PayPal, Apple Pay, and Credit/Debit card purchases. This transaction fee is charged to me whether or not a refund is made. 


5.        All refunds will be made either through Paypal or crediting the credit card by which you paid through the WIX refund system. NO REFUNDS WILL BE MADE BY CHECK OR ANY OTHER FORM OF PAYMENT. 


6.        Refunds will not be made until I have received the undamaged artwork.  After I receive the undamaged artwork, the refund will be made within 3 days.

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