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The Accident

On March 24, 1999, I was  badly injured in a  serious automobile accident.  This series is a symbolic portrayal of that  accident and my perceptions, thoughts and feelings about it,   both at the time it was happening and how I felt and thought about it afterwards.  The paintings are to be viewed in order like a storyboard, and take the viewer from right before the accident happened to my final concluding thoughts and feelings.


In this series, I wanted to explore the notion of "movement through time" in art, rather than to "freeze one moment in time".  I wanted to express different emotions or thoughts in a single work.  I did not want to limit myself to one style of painting-but wanted complete freedom of style both in a single canvas and within the series itself.   Thus, I combined different styles of painting--realism and abstraction--expressionism and pop/comic--different emotions and psychological states--and even different scenes, both in the same painting, as well as throughout the entire series.  We have layers and layers in each moment of our lives, and I tried to communicate this multifaceted existence in this work. 

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