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Oil on canvas

36 x 48 inches



In 1999, I was seriously injured in a car accident. Later, I created a series of 10 oil paintings that depicted symbolically my thoughts, emotions, and beliefs about this accident, starting from right before the accident happened until afterwards, in the hospital, when I knew I would be OK. The paintings were meant to be viewed like a storyboard from 1 to 10. 


This painting is the third painting of the series. It focuses on my reaction of horror and fear during that wild ride. The painting has darkened and is much more ominous and intense. The figure of "Fate" has now become very dark. The repitition of the screaming heads and the exaggeration of the middle head mirrors my extreme emotions.


Exhibition History:

"Unframed",  Four Person Exhibition, Thatcher Art Gallery,  University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA. , 2004

(Unframed--A Critical Review by Paula Birnbaum, P.hD, Associate Professor at UCSF can be read in the Press page.)

The Accident, No. 3: Scream'n

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