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Oil on canvas

48 x 48 inches




This painting was done after my father died, two months after his stroke. The figure has now become very small and is suspended in space inside the bulls-eye. It appears to be dropping away from the viewer. Numbers and letters merge in and out of the space around the figure. The words are taken from the famous Alfred Lord Tennyson poem: The Charge of the Light Brigade: "Boldly we rode and well, stormed at by shot and by shell." It is meant to pay tribute to my father as he did ride through life boldly and overall well, considering his life's hardships. It is also a reference to Mr. Ramsey in Virgina Woolf's book "To The Lighthouse", as he recites this poem as well. The very flawed character of Mr. Ramsey reminds me of my father-both the good and the bad.

Boldly We Rode

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