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Suddenly It’s Not Summer – Recalling Art From Our Warm Months – Sasse Museum of Art...

"Two exceptional exhibitions, both closed earlier this summer, offered revealing looks at personal

landscapes. Lori Markman‘s Magical Landscapes at the Sasse Museum of Art in Pomona, Calif. closed in mid-August, but certainly you’ll see more of her vistas again. Her mixed media collage, inspired by

Japanese landscape art created beautifully crafted, unique scenes that defied expectations.

Works such as “Moon, Stars, Mountains, Water in Blue,” created a vision of deep

perspective, a slice of earth and sea. Similarly, her “The Reflection of Fuji” dances on the horizon

and against the mysterious surface of the water below. Some works are purely peaceful, such as “Overlooking the Lake in White”; others convey a vast sense of movement and color, yet anchored in place by her use of minute text. Drawing viewers into her intricate detail, as she does with “River of Roses at Cherry Blossom Time,” Markman makes each separate image within each work precise and graceful, creating a splendid, peaceful riff on traditional Japanese art, whether inspired by photographs or classic drawings.

The layered composition of her art adds to the sense of calm and rest. Taking so much care and

shaping such delicate work evokes a sense of peace that no external chaos or challenges can


By Genie Davis

Diversions LA, September 11, 2023

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